For your return trip to England, if you are fully vaccinated, you will need vaccination proof. This must have been issued by the UK vaccination program, the United Nations vaccine program, or an overseas vaccination program with an approved proof of vaccination for travel to the UK. You will also need to fill in the passenger location form, this can only be filled in 48 hours before departure. The form will require proof that you have ordered a PCR test for day two of your arrival this will be given to you as a code when you book the test. On arrival in the UK, you should travel to your chosen place of isolation. You must self isolate until you have received the result of the PCR test, up to 14 days, if negative you are free to continue with no other restrictions, if positive you will be required to self isolate for ten days.

If you are not vaccinated you should on arrival in the UK go to your place of isolation and remain there for 10 days. for your passenger location form you should have ordered PCR tests for day 2 and day 8 if both tests are negative you are free to continue with no restrictions, if postive you will be required to self isolate until the end of day 12. Children under 4 and under do not need to have any travel tests. Children 5 to 17 must take the day 2 PCR tests the same as adults.

This information may change so please make sure you have visited the web site for the most up to date information. You may find it convenient while on the site to sign up for the offered information, informing you of any changes that might take place.



>  The service and room staff employed in the public areas are already fully vaccinated.

>  The hotel staff is tested at regular intervals.

>  The entire hotel staff has been comprehensively trained and trained with regard to the applicable hygiene regulations.

>  All hotel staff wears a medical mask in all public areas (except in the pool and beach areas). Wearing a mask in the hotel (both indoors and outdoors) is voluntary for all guests.

>  Hygiene and disinfection measures are carried out at regular intervals, hand disinfectant dispensers are available for you.

>  The filters of the hotel air conditioning systems are cleaned and changed regularly.

>  All meals are offered as specified in your hotel's service description.

>  You still have free choice of seats in the restaurants.

>  As usual, your room will be cleaned once a day during your absence.



>  Due to official regulations, all passengers are required to wear medical masks in public areas. When you are indoors at your seat, you can take off your mask. On the outside and sun decks, you can enjoy the view with the necessary minimum distance without a mask. The mask requirement applies there only to the crew.

>  Hygiene and disinfection measures are carried out by the crew at regular intervals, hand disinfectant dispensers are available for you.

>  For simpler processes on board, pre-determined routes are signposted in certain areas.

>  All Nile ships are equipped with a ventilation / air conditioning system, the systems of which are not interconnected. In the public areas, the air conditioning systems are set up during trips so that they work with 100 percent outside air supply.

>  The air conditioning in the individual cabins also works with 100 percent outside air. This air then only circulates in the respective cabin. The air conditioning filters are cleaned on every embarkation / disembarkation day.

>  The public toilets remain closed for the duration of the trip. Please use the toilet in your cabin.

>  All meals are offered in buffet form, some with buffet service.

>  You will be assigned a permanent seat in the restaurant for the duration of your river cruise; Your table requests can be taken into account on board.

>  Your cabin is cleaned twice a day while you are away.

>  All crew members are already fully vaccinated.

>  All crew members have been additionally tested before their arrival on board and are tested at regular intervals.

>  The entire crew has been comprehensively trained and trained with regard to the applicable hygiene regulations.

>  The crew wears a medical mask at all times in public areas.



>  The current hygiene regulations apply during the excursions. The maximum number of participants per excursion will be announced on board or in the hotel, depending on feasibility. In general, smaller tour groups are put together for the excursions in order to be able to comply with all hygiene and safety requirements.

>  It is compulsory to wear a medical mask during the interior tours (e.g. in the museum); It is voluntary to wear the mask during the outdoor visits.

>  Individual shore excursions and activities are still possible.

>  The temperature is always measured when you return to your ship or hotel facility.


If Suspected COVID-19 case or active COVID-19 infection

In the event of suspected COVID-19 cases, please contact your local tour guide immediately to carry out a test. The next steps depend on the situation and are taken in consultation with the ship or hotel management, the tour guide and the local authorities. Separate isolation rooms / cabins are available in the hotels and on the Nile ships.

All specifications in this hygiene concept that deviate from the advertised performance features on your booked ship or hotel are based on current official requirements and apply until they are legally repealed. Changes are taken into account on a daily basis and implemented on site. If there are any important changes to your booked trip, we will of course inform you personally immediately. We assure you that, we will do everything possible to make your trip a safe and wonderful experience.