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While the media frequently exaggerate the Egyptian security situation, it is generally a safe country for travel. Most areas are relatively secure, except North Sinai governorate which is usually a higher risk level. There are checkpoints across several regions to ensure the safety of tourists. As for muggings, robberies, and other casual crimes, Egypt is also quite safe. It is safe to walk the streets at night when most Egyptians start socializing and when cities come alive. Most restaurants and cafés are open late into the night, and the majority of Egyptian people are courteous and friendly to tourists.

Though travelling to Egypt is quite safe, you cannot be too careful about personal security. Planning your trip with a reputable tour operator like Travel Tailors is a wise choice, as we know the updated security situations and thus customize your itinerary accordingly.

  • Foreign Office travel advice

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office issues the most updated advice for those travelling outside the UK. The guidance includes general warnings and specific information for travellers. We will also tell you if there is any current advice for the country or countries, which you plan to visit. Alternatively, you can access the latest information from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice Unit on the FCO Website at

  • Health and safety

    Our Essential Travel Checklist contains lots of useful safety advice, and at the resort, you will receive a welcome envelope offering top safety tips for your stay abroad. It will also contain the contact number of your local Travel Tailors representative who will be available to assist you throughout your stay.

    Please note: while all the locations featured maintain good health and safety standards, the risk of disease varies worldwide. We, therefore, advise you to check with your GP or a specialist travel clinic for any specific requirements for the country you wish to visit.

  • Vaccinations

    For up to date information, please check with the NHS, your local doctor or a British Airways Health Clinic. Customers travelling to destinations, including Turkey and Africa, are recommended to obtain vaccinations or pills for protection against Hepatitis A, Polio and Typhoid. In some areas, malaria is also a risk and pills are recommended. If you are advised to take malaria pills, we strongly recommend that you do so.

  • Flora and fauna

    Most hot climates feature a variety of animal and insect life very different from that in the UK. The risk of insect bites can be reduced by using repellent sprays and covering up, whenever possible, especially in woodland areas and at night. Have a small first-aid kit with you containing plasters, insect repellent, antiseptic cream along with any prescribed medication.

  • Food and drink

    In some countries, standards of hygiene, care and safety may differ from those in the UK. You should, therefore, pay more attention to your personal protection, hygienic health and choice of food and drink. Be particularly careful about raw food, such as fruit and vegetables, and shellfish as well as with drinking water and ice in beverages.

  • Hazardous activities

    Some holidays or excursions sold by Travel Tailors may include activities that are defined by your insurers as 'hazardous'. If you expect to participate in any potentially hazardous activity, our recommendations would be to ensure your insurance policy covers it.

  • Traffic

    In Egypt, traffic travel on the right. You should, therefore, be extra diligent in ensuring your safety and that of your children who may be oblivious to any danger.

  • Watersports

    Watersports booked or paid for through independent operators and not via our website or directly with Travel Tailors are not part of our responsibility. We are not responsible for anything that might happen during that activity. Most operators have adequate insurance, but it is your responsibility to ensure that insurance provides sufficient cover. It will be assumed that all travellers participating in watersports can swim. We strongly suggest that customers refrain from the use of independently operated watersports (particularly jet skis). The operators frequently have no insurance or inadequate facilities.

  • Smoking

    It is not uncommon to encounter smoking restrictions at some hotels, bars, restaurants and airports. If you feel that this may affect your enjoyment of your holiday, we advise that you check the specific destination information on their website thoroughly before you confirm your booking.

  • Weather and Travel Advice

    Adverse weather such as heavy storms, flooding and high winds may affect your chosen destination at certain times of the year. While we try to provide you with the most accurate details, the information we give about temperatures, rainfall and hurricanes that you might expect during your holiday are only guides, and we cannot guarantee good weather. Tropical storms and hurricanes are unpredictable and uncommon. However should they happen, they will inevitably interfere with hotel facilities, water sports, electricity and water supplies and drainage systems. Should your destination be threatened by severe weather while you're at a hotel or resort, we will contact you as soon as possible and make any necessary arrangements on your behalf. Should your destination be threatened before departure, then we will endeavour to contact you, where necessary, to discuss available options.

Our all-inclusive vacations make it easier to plan your budget. The prices include almost everything and offer exceptional value. Every resort and activities are different, so be sure to check the details in each program description. Also, it's helpful to note the price and rating, which will give you an indication of the quality and type of facilities included in the price.

Generally, you can expect all the items listed below to be included in the cost of your stay:

  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus or buffets.
  • A range of locally produced alcoholic drinks available daily for a minimum of 12 hours at selected bars.
  • A variety of soft drinks and hot drinks available for a minimum of 12 hours per day.
  • Day and evening entertainment organized by the hotel.
  • Your Travel Tailors Representative will guide you through your all-inclusive holiday at your orientation meeting. They will tell you about activity timings, theme nights or entertainment planned during your stay. They will also inform you of any 'luxury' or optional items that might not be included (we indicate these charges, where possible).

Not all bars and restaurants are included in the all-inclusive arrangement, and supplements for some premium or imported brand drinks may be charged. In some hotels, guests must wear a wristband or another means of identification during their stay. These are issued at check-in, and you return them when you check-out at the end of your holiday.

Special requests must be communicated at the time of booking (e.g. diet, room location, etc.) You should then confirm them in writing. We will do our very best to try to arrange your special requests, but we cannot guarantee that they will be fulfilled. Please refer to our booking conditions for more details.

Unless you are otherwise advised at the time of your booking, all package holidays include transfers by air-conditioned vehicles between the airport, your accommodation, activities and excursions

Our booking terms and conditions specify that you must take out adequate insurance for your holiday. You must also take all insurance documents on holiday with you.

  1. Register on the site
  2. Log into your account
  3. Select your holiday or hotel or excursion
  4. Complete the details (dates, number of travellers, type of room, etc.)
  5. Check supplements section (when available) for additional options 
  6. Confirm and proceed to cart 
  7. Review all details and click on the "Proceed to confirm cart items" button
  8. Confirm your booking and pay the due deposit

You will receive a booking confirmation email within an hour if your requested room(s) is available or within three working days if room(s) is on request. Don't forget to check your spam folder for the mail, and please add to your contacts.

Yes we have flexible payment plans to accommodate different traveller's financial obligations at 0% interest. Please see below for more details:

Plan A - If booking 120 days or more before the service

Payment Amount Due When Due
Deposit 5% Upon booking
First installment 30% 90 days before service
Second installment 30% 45 days before service
Final balance 35% 14 days before service

Plan B - If booking between 90 - 120 days before the service

Payment Amount Due When Due
Deposit 35% Upon booking
First installment 30% 45 days before service
Final balance 35% 14 days before service

Plan C - If booking between 60 - 90 days before the service

Payment Amount Due When Due
Deposit 65% Upon booking
Final balance 35% 14 days before service

If you're paying for a service that is starting in less than 60 days, then you are required to pay the full price upon booking.

For all plans:

  1. The final balance is always due at least 14 days before the start of the service date.
  2. Reminder email notification(s) are sent 3 days before due date for each installement.
  3. When you're paying the deposit, you'll be able to review your payment plan and all the remaining payment due dates.
  4. If you do not pay in full by 14 days before service start date, your reservation will be cancelled automatically by the system, and you will lose your deposit.
  5. Trip voucher(s) will only be issued when your reservation has been paid for in full.

We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, Visa Debit, Visa Electron and Maestro Cards. We do not accept American Express or PayPal.

When you confirm your booking and pay the due amount, your booking confirmation number will be e-mailed directly to your registered email address, this mail is considered an invoice, Don't forget to check your spam folder for the mail, and please add to your contacts.

When you make a booking, you must pay a minimum deposit of the total price, and then we issue you a booking confirmation. The amount of the deposit will vary depending on how early you're booking your vacation. Please see below for more details.

Number of days before service starts Deposit amount Due
120 days or more 5%
Between 90 - 120 days 35%
Between 60 - 90 days 65%
Between 1 - 60 days 100%

Your room will be allocated once you arrive at your accommodation and register. Your room has been reserved from noon on your departure date from the UK to enable immediate occupation.

Please note: when travelling on flights departing from the UK after midnight, your room will be reserved from noon the previous day. Therefore, unless a late check-out has been allocated to your booking, you must check out of your room at noon on the day before your night flight home or on the same day of departure on an afternoon or evening flight.

All adults taking holidays with Travel Tailors Group need a 10-year passport. Infants and under 16-year-olds need a 5-year passport.

If you need to apply for a new or replacement passport, we recommend that you do so at least 12 weeks before your departure date, although the UK Passport Office aims to make these available at shorter notice. First-time passport applicants over the age of 16 years may be required to attend an interview as part of the application procedure.

Some countries require passports to be valid for a certain period after leaving that country, and we recommend that you check with that country's Embassy at the time of booking. For example, Egypt requires a passport with at least six months validity from the date of entry (into the country).

Citizens of other EU countries, of non-EU countries and holders of British Subject Passports, should check with your travel agent or your Embassy or Consulate in the UK to confirm passport and visa requirements.

Please Note: It is your responsibility to present a valid passport and any visa that may be necessary. Be sure to apply in time. In the absence of adequate documentation, you will not be allowed to travel.

A visa is required to enter Egypt (unless your stay is limited to Sharm El Sheikh). There are two ways to obtain it. Either on arrival and that costs approximately 20 GBP per person, payable in Pounds Sterling or US Dollars. You can also apply for an e-visa on

For more information on entry requirements, please check with the Egyptian Consulate General in London on 020 7235 9777. Citizens of other EU countries, of non-EU countries and holders of British Subject Passports, should check with your travel agent or your own Embassy or Consulate in the UK to confirm passport and visa requirements.

Please note: it is your responsibility to present a valid passport and any visa that may be necessary. Be sure to apply in time. In the absence of adequate documentation, you will not be allowed to travel.

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